Course Curriculum

    1. Starter Project

    2. Topics

    3. Titleblock

    4. Tags & Profiles

    5. Detail Components

    6. Chapter 1 Assignment

    1. Topics

    2. Curtain Walls

    3. Sweeps, Parts, Model Lines & 3D Text

    4. Chapter 2 Assignment

    1. Topics

    2. Floor Parts, Modifying the Floor Finish Elevations

    3. Sloped Ceilings and Soffits

    4. Chapter 3 Assignment

    1. Topics

    2. Creating a 3D Family

    3. Chapter 4 Assignment

    1. Topics

    2. Milestone Project

    3. Finish Schedule, Custom Parameters, Area Plans and Color Schemes

    4. Chapter 5 Assignment

About this course

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  • 31 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

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  • What is the typical workload for this course?

    On average, each chapter can be completed within 2.5 to 5 hours.

  • Once I enroll, How long do I have access to the course?

    A purchase of a single course or bundle provides a 3 months access from the purchase date. Active members have unlimited access to all courses and bundles.

  • Do I need to know Revit or any other software prior to taking this course?

    No. This course is designed to teach all fundamentals, assuming it will be the first time you open Revit.

  • Do I need access to Revit?

    Yes. If you currently do not have access to a Revit License, the course curriculum gives you a few options such as downloading a free 1-month trial or an education license (if applicable).

  • Do you provide support throughout the course?

    4iD is committed to providing a similar environment to an in-person course and provides support along your learning path. You can post questions in the discussions section of each lesson. In addition, each chapter has an optional assignment, this gives us the opportunity to review and comment on your progress.


Senior Instructor Samuel Mikhail

Since he began his professional Architecture career, Sam Mikhail’s passion for helping others has always guided his craft. He began this journey when he earned his BArch degree from CCNY in 2012 and later is MPS in Lighting Design in 2023 from NYSID. Since graduating, Sam has worked with over 50 architecture, design, and construction firms to implement BIM technologies. During that same time, he has accrued 12 years of teaching experience within the AEC industry. It was through these interactions with both architects and students that he learned valuable lessons about group dynamics, design processes and the obstacles to a full BIM utilization at a firm. As he taught students & professionals to transform their design ideas into delivered buildings, he developed the belief in optimizing the digital practice and formed the foundational Ideology and Methodology of 4 Ideal Design. In addition to being Principal and Managing Director of 4iD, Sam’s work as a teacher is still the core of his passion and that is evident by his on-going role as an an Instructor and Director of the MPS Digital Practice Management at NYSID. Samuel is a licensed Architect and NCARB certified. He holds a LEED BD+C accreditation and is an Autodesk Certified Instructor.