• Advancing Skills

    4iDu courses are committed to make you competitive in your field by teaching practical knowledge. We differ from the competitors by focusing on real life scenarios and skills you need in your day to day productivity

  • Industry Leading Instructors

    Learn from Licensed Architects with more than a decade of BIM experience on various project typologies.

  • Learn At Your Pace

    4iDU courses are available at your finger tips through your desktop or mobile devices with direct access to an instructor when needed with course access length that accommodates your schedule needs.

4iDU For Firms

Fortify a solid foundation for your firm's BIM Practice with 4iDU's skill assessments, training and standards creation. For more information, contact [email protected]

  • Benchmark your staff's skills

  • Beginner and advanced software training

  • Develop BIM Managers and Coordinators

  • Customized content to streamline your BIM onboarding process

  • Optimize your Firm's BIM Standards

  • Staff progress reviews through assignment reviews

  • Answering student questions along their learning journey through discussions

  • Provide CE Credits and Certificates for courses completed

4iDU For Individuals

Whether you are looking into understanding BIM workflows or want to be a power user, 4iDU prepares you to meet your goals with courses customized for Principals, Project Managers, and Technical users. Choose the discipline from below, then the course that best suites your needs, and start advancing your skills.

  • Pay per course, Bundle, or monthly subscription

  • Earn a certificate when you complete a course

  • Earn AIA and IDCQ CU Credits

  • Use project files and quizzes to practice while you learn

  • Submit assignments and receive feedback on your assignments

  • Ask questions along the way in discussions and get answers to help you move through the content

  • Earn CE Credits and Certificates for courses completed

Choose Your Course By Discipline

Our learning content is organized by discipline. Each discipline includes Learning Paths, Courses and Workflows. Learning Paths (12+ hrs) offer a comprehensive guide through the software. Courses (3-8 hrs) are theme oriented training. Workflows (1-4 hrs) are short lessons that focus on specific topic.

Zambrano Architectural Design

by Nancy Guzman

It is a pleasure working with Sam and 4iD. Their experience with Revit and their professionalism makes the projects advance steadily as planned. I appreciate the clear communication and work demeanor.

Excellent Online Course for Busy Professionals

Helen Ng

I only have high marks for this Revit I course. It was well organized, with modules smartly crafted to get architects and interior designers efficiently up-to-speed for using Revit. For those who cannot take an in-person class, this online 4IDU course is the next best thing. The explanations are clear, and the ability to have Q&A with the instructors is a huge differentiating factor.

Magnusson Architecture and Planing

Emily Sperber

Getting to work with y’all the last few months has truly been wonderful - we should all be so lucky to have such professional and nimble support on our side!

McKissack & McKissack

We get immediate, personal, and highly professional support from 4iD.

We get immediate, personal, and highly professional support from 4iD.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do your offer any FREE content?

    Yes we do! Most courses have free preview for the first chapter. You can find the free chapters by visiting a course and clicking on the eye icons found at the curriculum.

  • Do I need access to Revit?

    Yes. If you currently do not have access to a Revit License, the course curriculum gives you a few options such as downloading a free 1-month trial or an education license (if applicable).

  • Once I enroll, How long do I have access to the course?

    A purchase of a single course provides a 3 months access. Bundles provides a 6 months access from the purchase date. We limit it because it is more effective not to stretch your training over a long period of time.

  • Do you provide support throughout the course?

    4iD is committed to providing a similar environment to an in-person course and provides support along your learning path. You can post questions in the discussions section of each lesson. In addition, each chapter has an optional assignment, this gives us the opportunity to review and comment on your progress. Note: You must submit all assignments to receive a certificate of completion and CU credits.

  • What system of measurement is used in the courses?

    All courses are recorded in the imperial system.

  • Do you provide any certificate for completing a course?

    Yes we do! If you finish a course, submit and pass all the assignments, you will receive a certificate which can be used as proof of completing the course. Note: CU Credits upon request

  • 4iDu vs 4iD

    4iDu is an extension of 4iD. It is focused on training. 4iD is the parent which focuses on project support and firm digital practice management. visit 4idealdesign.com for more information.